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Check out the below information about Dr Emma Woodward's new seminar coming to Wellington this July...

Overcoming 'Psychological Funk'

Supporting Young People During Uncertain Times

with Dr Emma Woodward

Brief Overview

Young people today are growing up in a more unpredictable world than many of their proceeding generations. Uncertainty surrounding pandemic related changes, global warming, increasing international conflicts and the rise of AI and its influence on questioning what is real, compound the existing anxieties that are created from the global influences and challenges of social media and digital culture.

This workshop will explore the nuances of change and uncertainty in the lives of the young minds we nurture. Dr Emma Woodward will explore the nature of the current ‘psychological funk’ that many young people are in before presenting a suite of ideas and techniques that have proven to be effective in cultivating hope, building emotional resilience and creating optimism in the face of an unpredictable future.>Read More...

Group booking rates are available, contact for more information.

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