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Navigating Depression

40 Cards for building resilience, mental health and wellbeing
By Kate Skilbeck


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Drawing on the metaphor of the journey, these 40 photo-based cards include five illustrated characters exploring the challenging terrain of depression.

Featuring a word and image on the front and a range of questions, sentence starters and evidence-based exercises on the back, the Navigating Depression cards have been designed to help people work with low mood or emotional distress.

Use the cards to help people:

  • share their stories and experiences.
  • build social and emotional literacy.
  • proactively notice and address early warning signs.
  • create healthy, protective habits.
  • recognise when to seek support.

For teachers, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, parents or anyone supporting people experiencing depression. Perfect for use with adults and young people in one-on-one therapeutic conversations, groups or classrooms.

Includes an in-depth booklet with lots of ideas for activities in a range of settings.