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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to our most common enquiries

Can I still attend if I haven’t paid by the day of the seminar?

Yes you can. Accounts are payable on the 20th of the month following the month that they are issued. Often this date will fall after the date of the seminar.

I am coming with a group of people, is there a discount available for us?

If there is a large group of staff members attending from the same organisation/workplace we often are able to offer a discounted seminar fee. Please contact our office for more information.

Can I pencil-book a space, while I wait for funding to be approved?

No unfortunately. All registrations automatically generate an invoice. Rest assured that our one-day seminars often have a large capacity therefore it is unlikely we would not be able to accommodate your registration once you have your approvals confirmed. For multi-day intensive workshops we strongly advise early registration as these usually have limits on the number of participants and they can fill up.

Can I pay with my credit card over the phone?

Sorry, no. For security reasons we have a policy of not taking credit card details over the phone. You can pay using your credit card on our website. Simply click on the ‘Pay Account’ tab and follow the directions. Our website uses 'Stripe', an internationally recognised and secure online payment system that can process your credit card payment.

Did you receive my registration?

We aim to process registrations as soon as they reach our office. You will hear from us by email within 2 working days with an invoice and confirmation of your registration. If you haven’t heard from us after a couple of days it would be a good idea to contact us or resubmit your registration form as something may have prevented it from getting through. Don't worry we will not register or invoice you twice if we do receive a duplicate registration from you.

How can I pay my seminar fee?

There are a variety of payment options. If you wish to pay with a credit card you can do so on our website. Click the ‘Pay Account’ link and follow the straight forward instructions from there. Alternatively you can direct credit the funds into our bank account (account details are printed on the invoice). Regardless of how you choose to pay, please ensure you quote your invoice number located on the top right hand side of your Compass invoice. Finally, you are also welcome to pay with cash/eftpos/credit card on the day at the seminar if you prefer.

How do I know if there are still spaces available in the seminar?

If a seminar is advertised on our website there will be spaces available. In the situation that a seminar is full a ‘fully subscribed’ sign appears on the website on the seminar listing and you will be offered the opportunity to join the waiting list for this event. Our multi-day seminars do often have a ceiling on their numbers and are the most likily events to sell out. We always have withdrawals from these events and we will offer these places to those on the wait list first so it is definitely worth adding yourself to the wait list.

Is the seminar I am interested in scheduled for anywhere else in NZ?

All of our seminars are listed on our website. The seminars can be searched the city that is hosting it, or the topic of the seminar. If fliter by topic and click on the event name you will be shown all the locations that that seminar is being hosted in. Each seminar is normally offered in at least 3 different cities each year therefore there are normally multiple opportunities to attend.

I am a parent, can I come to a seminar?

The target audience for our seminars is professionals, however, we often get enquiries from parents with an interest in certain topics as well. Parents are welcome to register but it is with the understanding that the material has been prepared for a professional audience. We also ask that parent delegates refrain from asking questions specifically in relation to their child during session times. Our trainers are always open to discussing individual matters during the breaks or at the end of the day.

I haven’t received an invoice?

If you haven’t received an invoice following your registration it may be due to a number of reasons. During busy periods we may have a back-log of registrations to process so it could take up to 2 working days to be processed from the time we receive it. Your invoice will have been sent to the email address on your registration form. If your accounts person registered you it could be that confirmation of your place was sent to them and they were asked to pass this information on to you. If you haven’t received an invoice and it hasn’t been sent to any of the above locations, please contact us so we can send you out a new copy.

I have special dietary requirements, will I be catered for?

Yes. So long as you let us know in advance we are able to advise our caterers of your dietary requirements. On the day of the seminar our staff at the registration desk will let you where to find your special dietry meal at break times. Every venue uses different systems to make sure you get this meal and it isnt picked up by somebody else who may decide they like the look of it! You only need to advise us of these requirements once as we record this information against your customer record and next time you register for an event we will just cater for you in line with these requirements.

What is the latest date I can register for a seminar?

Registrations for seminars are open right up until the day it is delivered. Obviously we prefer to have more notice if possible to assist us with our catering and seating planning, but if you need to register at the last minute, or even walk up on the day we can handle this. If you do know a few days ahead of the seminar that you are coming please still let us know as soon as possible what your plans are.

Where is the seminar venue?

All information regarding the seminar you wish to attend is posted on our website under the seminar listing. This includes the name and address of the seminar. Parking information and a venue location map are included in a reminder email that all registered delegates are sent a week before the seminar.