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Strength Cards

54 Laminated, Full-Colour Cards
By Innovative Resources


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For over two decades 'Strength Cards' have played a vital self-esteem building role in the lives of countless individuals and families. Now with completely new full-colour illustrations, six additional cards, new words, and a booklet with even more suggestions for use, our new edition of the Strength Cards are even more engaging, but with the same life-changing potential.

  • Thinking of someone dear to you, what are 3 of their main strengths?
  • What are 3 of your main strengths? What strength did you use this morning?
  • At a job interview, invite the candidate to select 5 strengths they will bring to the position. Which cards do they think will be their greatest challenges?
  • At a team meeting, invite each person to select a strength for the person on their right. Place all the cards in a circle on the floor. What a team! How will you all build on these strengths?
  • Thinking of a challenge you have faced in the past, what strengths did you draw on? How might you draw on these again now?