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An Introduction to te ao Māori
By Keri Opai


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An introduction to te ao Maori The guide to understanding the Maori world from a 21st century point of view. The book we've all been needing for decades a unique explanation of the world of Maoridom for Pakeha, and all others disconnected from the Maori world. . Told with simple lucidity and great expertise, Keri Opai shares the spirit and meaning of what it is to be Maori in the 21st century, dispelling myths and misconceptions and providing a view of our tangata whenua that people from other cultures can understand and take pride in. About the Author: Keri Opai is a linguist, educator and the author of Te Reo Hapai, the seminal work in creating a Maori language glossary for mental health, disability and addiction. He was the first person to qualify as an official Te Reo translator, and advises widely on cultural issues