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Healing Shame


A Very Practical Two Day Intensive Training

Greg Yee


Wednesday, 9 Apr 2025


Thursday, 10 Apr 2025


8:30am - 4:00pm


Waipuna Hotel

58 Waipuna Road
Mount Wellington, Auckland


Lunch & Tea Break Catering

Workshop Notes


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Shame is a complex and debilitating emotion that stems from an internalised sense of inadequacy or unworthiness. Shame is embedded with almost every mental health concern and is an under acknowledged ‘therapeutic block’ in the process of recovery and change. The dominant cultural norm of avoiding or suppressing Shame has recently been exposed and there is now growing recognition of the importance of naming, understanding and treating shame.

To effectively work with Shame, we must understand why it can be so difficult to ease this deeply engrained emotion, why shame vigilantly protects itself, and how many traditional interventions may actually be sustaining shame (or driving it deeper). Many therapists/helping professionals now recognise the importance of becoming skilled in addressing this ubiquitous and debilitating issue. 

This workshop is a unique opportunity for a group of such clinicians to immerse themselves in a practical and experiential laboratory focusing on tackling Shame in its many dimensions. This new two-day intensive workshop is designed to provide an immersive, experiential journey into the complexities of shame and participants will engage in practical exercises aimed at unpacking and addressing client Shame from various angles.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Delve into the intricate process of confronting and understanding shame.
  • Explore the dynamics of non-shaming therapeutic relationships.
  • Discover how clients can heal from shame by reconnecting with disowned aspects of themselves.
  • Learn strategies to help clients address harmful behaviours stemming from shame.
  • Explore the process of challenging and replacing unhelpful societal and cultural beliefs that foster shame.
  • Understand how clients can differentiate from toxic, shame-inducing family dynamics.
  • Examine principles of non-shaming parenting.
  • Discuss approaches to addressing shame in couples and family therapy.

This two-day workshop builds upon themes from Greg Yee’s earlier 'Working with Shame' introductory seminar, offering expanded opportunities to go deeper into the topic through practical exercises, small group discussion, case studies, role play demonstrations, and relevant video material. This training stands alone and attendance at the previous workshop is not required to participate.

Greg Yee is a family and individual Therapist, based in Canberra, with over 30 years’ experience of working therapeutically with issues relating to shame. He divides his time between his successful private practice, delivering training for professional audiences and supervising individuals and teams. Greg presents with insight, clarity, and compassion, meaning this is a training opportunity not to be missed by anybody working therapeutically with individuals or families.

"It was one of the best workshops I have attended. Greg was an excellent presenter, great skills. The workshop material was spot on. Very affirming but also learned a lot."


"I found this seminar very rewarding and useful to the work I do. Greg had a way of engaging that was inclusive and had a good way of presenting a difficult topic. I was able to take a lot away from this. Thank you Greg and Compass Seminars."

Counsellor / Supervisor