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Dr Emma Woodward, Child Psychologist

As a mother to four wonderfully lively and curious boys, Emma has a specific interest in how we use the science of Positive Psychology to support today’s children to develop the skills that they need in order to thrive in their tomorrow.

After working in the field of social work with older children and adolescents in East London for several years, Emma decided that the most effective way to support children and young people with their mental health was to get in earlier and teach them the protective skills they needed in the first instance. So, in 2006 Emma changed careers and undertook her Doctorate in Child, Educational and Community Psychology at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

Emma now has almost 25 years’ experience working with children, young people and their families to support their mental health and wellbeing.

After moving to NZ in 2014, Emma worked for the Ministry of Education where she worked as Practice Leader for the Intensive Wraparound Service. Emma is now the Director of Psychological Services at The Child Psychology Service in Auckland and the Clinical Director at the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience.

Emma supports children and their families with a range of concerns and delivers training in New Zealand and internationally using ‘strengths-based approaches’ and Positive Psychology when working with children, young people and their families.

Specialties: Trauma, Big Feelings, Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing

"I love how Emma presents with a conversational style and makes complex material so easy to understand."

Mental Health Practioner

"Emma is brilliant. Puts things into words that are easily understood, lets us into her world. Real information, was both interesting and informative. This has reaffirmed that what I am doing with my clients is good work."

Guidance Counsellor

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