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Dr Sian Phillips, Psychologist

Sian Phillips is a Psychologist in private practice in Kingston, Ontario. Since gaining her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto she has specialised in the assessment of childhood trauma and attachment difficulties, working with children and caregivers for the last 20 years. Sian is a certified DDP therapist, consultant and trainer. She is also an adjunct professor at Queen's University, supervising students in their clinical placements.

Her vast knowledge in this area, when combined with her interactive and engaging teaching style and thoughtful use of case study material, means her workshops are relevant for counsellors, therapists, education professionals, social service and mental health providers working with children and their families, and those caring or parenting children with attachment and trauma histories.

Specialties: Trauma, Trauma Aware Education, Attachment, PACE, Dyadic Development Practice (DDP)

Sian is a highly skilled, energetic and able to engage her audience for long periods of time and a huge amount of content.


Sian's ability to be present, tuned in and attentive to our specific needs and emotions, rather than focusing on only the teaching content, made this training that next level. I felt like the training was so much more reciprocal and interactive than I expected so that we as attendees could have some influence over what was focused on.


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